Training Plans

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Training Plan Process

1. New client onboarding questionnaire

2. Questionnaire review

3. Follow-up consultation

4. Purchase agreement finalized

5. Training Plan assigned

6. Follow-up consultations and adjustments as needed throughout the length of the Training Plan term

Training Plan

GameFit Training Plans deliver an entirely customized plan to fit your goals, abilities, limitations, schedule, and access to equipment. Each plan is built from the ground up based on the information provided from your intake questionnaire. Unlike many training apps and workout videos, ALL plans are custom designed for you and ONLY YOU.

Benefits of following a guided training plan:

GameFit Training plans are custom designed for you to combat stagnation by forcing continual adaption to stress over periods of time.

Improved Heart and Lung condition

Gain strength and endurance

Increased Energy Levels

Short-term and long-term goals outlined and emphasized

Exercise selection based upon individual goals

Utilization of progressive overload techniques

Scheduled mesocycling

Scheduled deloading

Track and follow your progress

Tracking the markers of improvement:

Increased weight

Increased repetitions

Improved mind muscle connection

Primary mover muscle engagement

Calculated rest periods

Proper form

Controlled tempo

To begin every workout GameFit strongly encourages the implementation of DYNAMIC stretching: GameFit U Dynamic Stretches
After every workout GameFit strongly encourages the implementation of STATIC stretching GameFit U Static Stretches

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